Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Hong Kong I Did Not Know Part 1: Tai O Fishing Village

I came to know about the Tai O fishing village in the Lantau Island while researching less travelled destinations in Hong Kong. I read that it's a refreshing shift from the busy city. Well in deed it is. It's not different from what we already have in the Philippines - the wet market, the stilt houses by the water, the fisher folks. There's something so foreign yet so relatable and maybe that's the reason why this place excites me.

It rained a little when we were there. Though some tourists might find that annoying, I got even more excited (secretly). There's nothing like a few drops of rain that can show how pretty a place is. When it started to rain, we found ourselves inside an art gallery featuring photos depicting life in Tai O. We also came across a small cafe selling postcards depicting the same. Being a fan of art, I bought 2 postcards I plan to scan and show sometime. Interesting that this small village turns out to be home to artists dating back to prehistoric times. You can read more here.

I hope to return in the future and stay for a night or two in one of the locals' homes.

Tai O is fast becoming a tourist attraction. It's one of the destinations of Lantau Island tours. It can be reached via bus number 11 from the Tung Chung town center or bus number 21 from the Ngong Ping village.

The Market - Every village should have one

The Stilt Houses are what make Tai O famous

We followed the main road and it led us to these scenes.

The backstreet

He was cooking some dried seafood over charcoal and was a trooper when it comes to posing for pictures

When it started to rain, we found ourselves in a small art gallery depicting life in Tai O 

He was preparing his famous egg waffles cooked on charcoal

It was raining...

Following a bridge that crosses the river channel, we ran into these..

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  1. Ah this brings back memories!! A few years ago I was lucky enough for a friend of mine to let me use their Hong Kong apartment while they were visiting their mother. My partner and I scoured the city for its best tourist attractions and went to a lot of the more obvious areas, but it was not until my friend returned that we were taken to this gem of a place. It's like a little world of its own, so quaint and like a different life. My friend bought some fish, I can't remember what it was called, but he cooked it up and it was delicious. I hope it doesn't become too touristy, like you said, because I think it will lose some of its appeal. Alice