Saturday, February 28, 2015

Luke is 7 months

Every month Luke is becoming more and more independent yet sociable. This month is not an exception. Although he has not really reached any milestone this month, he has learned a lot of new skills and is becoming even more adventurous. He surprises me with his sweetness. Out of the blue, he would hold on me tightly then give me a kiss near the chin. It melts my heart. He is in a phase where he does not want to be around strangers so he is also extra clingy to me. He becomes anxious when held by others - so to friends and relatives who plan to visit, please give time for Luke to warm up to you before holding him.

This month he started his solids. I tried to do a semi baby led weaning approach which is actually good because Luke is learning to feed himself - slowly but surely. He loves all the food I have introduced to him so far, prunes and green peas being his favorites. 

Luke has also been moving a lot and cannot stay put in one spot. He rolls here and there, dives at toys, crawls like a soldier, pushes himself up to sit, pulls himself up to stand, rocks on all fours, tugs at every wire he sees - yes, need to start baby proofing. You can picture how busy I've been this month too.

Luke at 7 months:
- loves solid food and apple juice
- still breastfeeds
- naps 2 to 3 times a day
- loves to stand
- very clingy to mommy
- laughs when kissed on his tummy
- loves reaching at everything
- prefers straw cups over sippy cups
- still co-sleeps
- does not crawl yet but finds ways to be mobile

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Everything's normal here...

Our day starts with a short walk to soak up some sun. This community of ours provides us amenities to enjoy the "outdoors" - a mini park, a playground, swimming pool - in the middle of those sky scrapers, in this busy city. The little one prefers soaking up the sun in the park.  They said contact with mother earth gives one energy. And so we stand barefoot on the grass. He seems unsure about the sensation he feels when touching the grass. Our little explorer is still discovering, trying to get used to new things. 

Today I gave the straw cup another try. And just like that, he was a pro. He learns quickly as long as he's interested. I am proud for my little one's new found skill. I am sure there will be more. 

And then, mom and aunt tried fooling around with the little one putting him in aunt's backpack. It was adorable but completely useless. Still, anything to amuse mommy. See, everything is normal here. 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

These "cold" days

The little one is down with the cold and though he has not been complaining, it's been keeping me up lately. We have to look for a sleeping position for him to avoid a stuffy nose. Here is how we sleep recently - not the most comfortable position. Not to mention he nurses around 3 times at night. I hope he feels better soon.

Everything is normal here

Happy Valentine's Day you all!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Long Distance

Though I have not been too vocal about it, I feel really sad that the husband had to fly halfway across the world to work. Sometimes I question if we are making the right decisions but at the end we have to suck it all up and hope for the best. We are doing this for the welfare of this family anyway.

The household though has never been more busy with the siblings moving in to join me and the little one. And yes, the little one has grown accustomed to these new faces and is now very fond of them. Luckily he is too young to be aware that his favorite playmate, daddy, is far from home. He will never be as lonely. I am glad that this little bundle of joy keeps mommy happy and entertained. I know though that the husband is not so happy missing out on some of the little one's milestones.

In the days to come I will be working real hard to get our papers done so that we can join daddy. I am keeping my hopes high that the process will be smooth and fast. Because I am missing the husband so much and the family we are when we are all together.